Student Life

Nearly 22,000 students from basic to graduate education are enrolled in the University, with almost 200 international students. On average, the teacher-to-student ratio at USC is 1:20. Student support in the University includes an international students’ office, under the Office for External Relations.

Integrated School Management Information System

USC boasts an online enrolment system called the Integrated School Management Information System (ISMIS), with a dedicated parent’s portal.

Dormitories, food, and transport services

There are five dormitories, numerous cafes and canteens, and a transport system within Talamban Campus.

Three of the dormitories, namely St. Arnold's, St. Mary's, and St. Joseph's Halls, have a maximum capacity of 198 residents and have been providing safe and secure accommodation for students since 1981. In 2012, two high-rise dormitories started their operations, providing multiple room options and amenities for up to 800 students. Interested applicants may call the dormitory administrator at +63 32 230 0100 local 271 during office hours.

There are nearly 50 food concessionaires in all USC campuses offering a variety of meals and refreshments to students. Interested parties who wish to obtain concessions within the University may directly apply through the Office of the Vice President for Administration (+63 32 230 0100 local 118 or 119).

Campus ministry

As a Catholic institution, USC has a dynamic Campus Ministry in both the Downtown and Talamban campuses.

Athletics and recreation facilities

Athletics and recreation facilities include the University Stadium which has a competition-standard track and field oval and football field in Talamban Campus. Facilities in the Downtown Campus include a gymnasium, courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton, and a standard-sized swimming pool.

Health services

The University offers health services, including in-campus medical doctors and dentists, to students through strategically located clinics. Clinic staff can be reached through +63 32 230 0100 local 103 (Talamban Campus) or 204 (Downtown Campus).

Counseling services

Licensed guidance counselors are assigned in Counseling and Development Centers (CDCs) in three campuses, while the University’s Testing Center offer services not only to USC students, but to external clients as well who wish to take examinations like the National Medical Admissions Test.

Our CDCs adapt a life-career development perspective, helping our students identify and refine life and work values, roles, and directions through individual or group interventions. Students can explore a variety of educational and occupational opportunities, learn about current realities of work life, and identify technical skills and personal qualities that are required for success. Our CDCs also provide mental health counseling addressing issues on depression, loneliness, anxiety, substance-dependence, suicide, change adaptation, and relationships. Licensed psychometricians and counselors utilize standardized tests and non-psychometric instruments to assist students in their self-awareness and decision-making needs. Students may also volunteer in the Peer Facilitator program of the CDCs.

Counseling and Development Centers

Downtown Campus
Ground floor, Fr. Arthur Dingman Building
Trunkline +63 32 401 2300 local 195

South Campus
Ground floor, Fr. Anthony Buchcik wing
Trunkline +63 32 254 0117 local 236

Talamban Campus
Basement, Fr. Lawrence Bunzel Building
Trunkline +63 32 230 0100 local 105

Ground floor, SAFAD Building
Trunkline +63 32 230 0100 local 215

2nd floor, Fr. Philip van Engelen Building
Trunkline +63 32 230 0100 local 142

2nd floor, Fr. Robert Hoeppener Building
Trunkline +63 32 230 0100 local 134

Psychological Testing Centers

Downtown Campus
Ground floor, Fr. Arthur Dingman Building
Trunkline +63 32 401 2300 local 129 or 181

Talamban Campus
Basement, Fr. Lawrence Bunzel Building
Trunkline +63 32 230 0100 local 106


USC has more than 600 undergraduate and graduate scholars at any given time under the care of the Office of Alumni, Scholarships, and Job Placement. Annual job fairs attract more than 100 companies that recruit graduating students.

Student publication

The official student publication of the University is the Today’s Carolinian.