About This Site

If you think this website is tad too pop for an academic institution, it is largely due to the predominantly young crew that built and runs it. Juvenile yet no green horn, the team is bent to deconstruct the whole tradition of University self-promo as formal, traditional, and strictly no-nonsense. We think playful interactive graphics and street-level copy would actually be flattering to the young or young-minded Carolinians who comprise the bulk of our users. That makes our student volunteers our strongest link to today’s generation of Carolinians.

Well, it takes equally young-minded and forward-looking administrators to usher in this website’s rejuvenation. It all began in December 2005 when Fr. Roderick Salazar, Jr., and Fr. Louie Punzalan consulted Faith Ponte, an Online/Web Marketing Executive, to lead the USC website makeover. The Website Development Office (WDO) was then formed in February 2006 to begin the reconstruction project, which covers 17 sites for various units of USC.

A Content Management System (CMS) designed to allow colleges, departments, and offices convenience in maintaining and updating submitted information is also under way. In charge with editing and content updates are Radel Paredes and Cream Quisumbing, respectively. Most photos used in this website are courtesy of Corbis, Paul Lawrence Vega, and Engr. Jame Paul Silmaro.