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A mix of old and new marks USC’s brand of education. The missionary spirit is kept alive with the school’s pursuit for the latest in science, technology, and the arts. A sense of heritage blends well with the Carolinian enthusiasm for the new. And this is best shown in the increasingly eclectic look of the school’s architecture.

In general, USC is busy getting a makeover. But as modern buildings rise in the campuses, ancient ones are carefully preserved. Thus, the newly-renovated façade of the Main Campus looks as fresh as when it rose from the rubbles of the Second World War during the University’s period of reconstruction.

A recent campaign to name the buildings, halls, and premises after past administrators and individual patrons who contributed greatly to the University’s growth helps to give today’s Carolinians a sense of campus history. Students often wonder why most of the names are those of foreigners. Then they realize that their school has always had that international character.

And so gearing up for the challenges of the future, today’s global-minded Carolinian never stops to pay tribute to the past.