A. University Vision Statement

The University of San Carlos Basic Education Department (USC BED) is a Catholic educational institution imbued with the missionary charism of St. Arnold Janssen and the scholastic idealism of San Carlos Borromeo. It is committed to the holistic development of its learners making them noble in character, morally righteous, professionally competent, and mission-oriented.

B. Mission Statement

The University of San Carlos Basic Education Department realizes this vision by providing:
-research-based academic and technical programs that develop the employability and entrepreneurial skills of graduates in a rapidly changing world,
-formation programs that develop citizens possessing the values of: social responsibility, integrity, leadership, excellence, nationalism, commitment, evangelization
-community extension programs that contribute to nation-building and transforming society, thereby making graduates true Witnesses to the WORD.

Departmental Objectives
Every graduate of the University of San Carlos Basic Education Department shall:
1. manifest understanding of the Catholic Church’s teachings;
2. develop a Christian conscience and evaluate moral choices in the light of the Catholic Faith;
3. become a “Co-Missionary of Saint Arnold Janssen” by living out the Trinitarian spirituality;
4. be holistically developed, equipped with 21st century skills and prepared for employment, entrepreneurship, and higher education;

5. exhibit wholesome work habits, attitudes, and values toward work efficiency and greater productivity;
6. demonstrate appreciation of his cultural heritage and foster genuine love of country by practicing his rights and responsibilities as a citizen;
7. be socially aware, pro-active in public and civic affairs, and contribute to the economic growth of the nation;
8. be emotionally developed and competent to live a meaningful life;
9. be sensitive and sympathetic to the poor and less privileged sectors of the community through his active leadership and involvement in socially-oriented undertakings; and
10. be responsive to the local, national, and global needs.

Profile of a Carolinian

Profile: Witness to the Word

A Grade School/High School Carolinian is a living witness of the Trinitarian Way of Life radiating knowledge and virtues as he/she relates with herself/himself, with others, and with God.

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