BED South Campus celebrates 2015 Nutrition Month


Nutrition Month is themonth whenpeopleare especially conscious about their health and lifestyle. It is also the month whenthey areeager to sacrifice and to ensure that they have a balanced diet and do exercises. Nutrition Month is celebrated annually.

This school year 2015-2016, USC Basic Education Department South Campus gladly held an exciting and interesting Nutrition Month celebration.

Last June 30, the EPP/ TLE/ Computer arealaunched the month-long celebration highlighted by a scavenger hunt for vegetables scattered in different places around the campus.Carolinians did their best to win in the Scavenger Hunt. This hunt made the students recall what they have learned about fruits and vegetables and the unique or distinctive qualities of each fruit. Students did not only learn from the quest but also enjoyed and had fun in determining which fruit or vegetable was being referred to.

To make the celebration really felt by everyone, Bulletin Board displays showed different illustrations that depicted the theme, “TimbangIwasto, Sa TamangNutrisyon at Ehersisyo.” The teachers promoted the Operation Timbang to all students, faculty and staff. Operation Timbang was launched so that Carolinians would be informed about their Body Mass Index (BMI) and to discover their respective categories whether their weight isnormal, overweight, underweight or obese. This operation did not begin and end during this week. Students and faculty were weighed again by the end of July to determine if there were some changes in their weight after a month.

On the second week of July, a food packaging contest for Grades 7 and 8 students was held. Freshmen and sophomores were asked to wrap food not just to preserve the product but also to present it attractively. This contest made the students realize how important proper food packagingis, and that proper presentation would affect the sales of a product.

On the third week of the month, a cooking duo contest and outreach program of the Community Extension Service were held. The cooking duo contestwas divided into two categories:Grades 4 to 6 pupils’ category, a duo of pupil and parent for their salad making competition, andGrades 9 and 10 students’ category, a duo of two students for market basket cooking duo challenge. This activitysharpened the pupils’ and students’ skills in cookery, food preparation and food presentation. It enabled them to use different ingredients and resources to create palatable and nutritious dishes.

The outreach program was held at SitioPurras community, the school’s adopted community.Children from ages 5 to 8 years old were the beneficiaries. The faculty in the three subject areas; EPP/TLE/ Computer, MAPEH and CLFgave enough time to trainthem on how to maintain personal hygiene and sanitation, and provided them with personal hygiene kits and a healthy and hearty lunchon the same day.

The month-long activity was concluded with a fruit salad making by Nursery to Grade 3 pupils and a Dancercise for faculty and personnel. The pupils brought their own fruits andproduced their own fruit salad.This activity helped themto learn how to be creative and cooperate with others.

The Dancercise was one of the vehicles initiated by the different learning areas in realizing the most challenging activity forUSC personnel: The Biggest Loser. This activity started at the beginning of the month of July and will end in December. This contest is open to all teachers and employees who are 45 years old and below. Whoeverloses the greatest amount of weight will be recognized as the winner.

Source: Lloyd Emmanuel Oliva
             BED South Campus
             11 August 2015