This is the time of the year where we meaningfully celebrate our “being” and “doing” as teachers. It is likewise an opportunity for all of us to continually reflect if this noblest profession we embraced is merely to be considered “occupational” rather than “professional”?

In the midst of the activities lined up by our students which no doubt we all deserve to enjoy and savor, let me invite you as well to be reflective about the challenges posed by the teaching profession, and specifically as Carolinian teachers.

Let us always take inspiration from Pope Benedict XVI in one of his messages:
The central figure in the work of educating …. Is specifically the form of witness… The witness never refers to himself but to something, or rather to Someone greater than he, whom he has encountered and whose dependable goodness he has sampled. Thus, every educator and witness finds unequalled model in Jesus Christ, the Father’s great witness, who said nothing about himself but spoke as the Father had taught him, (cf. John 8: 28)

Thank you dear teachers for being true witnesses to your calling and profession! May your passion in your work serve as an inspiration to many.
Happy Teachers Day!

Sincerely in the Divine Word,

Fr. Jun Javines, SVD