Department of Anthropology, Sociology and History
Overview of the Department
Chair’s Corner

Brief History

A holistic education, which includes lots of outdoor adventure, awaits those who want to enroll in the USC Department of Sociology and Anthropology (SoAn). In this rather intimate Department (one of the smallest in undergrad school), a well-trained faculty exposes students to some of the most intriguing theories in the human sciences and engages them in collaborative field work projects, such as demographic research and archaeological excavations.
The Department offers two undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology), a graduate program in Sociology (Masters in Sociology), and a Graduate Anthropology Program (Master of Arts in Anthropology andDoctor of Philosophy in Anthropology).

Aims & Objectives
The Department of Sociology and Anthropology aims to:

  • enable students to develop an appreciation for the major academic field they have chosen, through an integrated, mutually-supplementary instruction in both Sociology and Anthropology
  • develop their ability to think critically
  • equip them with the tools for understanding the social and cultural environment, as well as to enable them to appreciate the socio-cultural processes occurring in this environment
  • provide students with the skills necessary to carry out independent and collaborative researches
  • prepare students for specialized graduate courses
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