College Mission-Vision and Aims

College Mission-Vision

  • To be a leading teaching and research institution in the areas of :
    • Culture and Heritage
    • Economic and Social Development
    • Environment
    • Human Resources
    • Spirituality
  • To be an excellent provider of quality courses enhancing the curricular programs offered by the other colleges within the university.

College Aims

  • To offer quality programs responsive to contemporary needs and reflective of Catholic values that shape a socially-aware and responsive citizenry.
  • To cultivate the habit of free inquiry and logical analysis in every approach to learning, and to develop facility on both oral and written communications.
  • To avail of innovative interdisciplinary approaches to learning in providing the tools for mastery of theories and principles in the Arts and Sciences.
  • To develop research capabilities thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge relevant to the development needs of society.
  • To assure adequate and quality facilities to support programs and services.
  • To sustain the personal and professional growth of the faculty.
  • To ensure the competent and efficient management of all resources in order to effectively implement all programs related to instruction, research, and community service.