Language and Literature

Overview of the Department


Students who are gifted or simply in love with the magic of words will feel at home at the USC Department of Languages and Literature (DOLL). The Department has for a long time nurtured some of Cebu’s best writers and language experts who either studied or taught in its different programs. At present, DOLL offers two undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

and Literature and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature with Professional Education Courses) and two graduate programs (Master of Arts in Literature and Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics).

The study of Languages and Literature has never been more relevant than in today’s world of globalization, which saw the rise of outsourced work, international connectivity, and other areas of multicultural exchange, at once requiring excellent communicative skills in English and other major international languages as well as that of our own national and local languages.

Now, that means a lucrative career in the future and the lifetime romance with words all rolled into one.

Aims & Objectives

The Department of Languages and Literature aims to:

  1. Address the basic Language, Literature, Humanities, and Speech needs of the USC clientele;
  2. Offer the relevant Language and Literature curricular programs/ courses for the undergraduate and graduate students;
  3. Draw schemes that would stimulate the clientele to value and appreciate not only English but also Filipino language as a tool for nation building;
  4. Pursue researches in Linguistics, Language, and Literature thus enhance academic growth for both faculty and students.

For more information, please call the Office of the Chair at (+63 32) 344 3801 local 437 or email us