Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Auxiliary units have been established in the College to support the academic needs of the departments, and to enhance and foster a culture of research.  These units may also be established as a result of a project or external research collaboration.  They operate their own staff, most of whom are drawn from the various units of the University.  There are also centers in the University, which by virtue of their activities, are affiliated with the college.

The faculty members are encouraged to conduct research as the University recognizes it as one of its core processes.  Release time and financial assistance are granted to motivate faculty members.

The Philippine Scientist, Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society, both refereed journals,  and USC Graduate Journal, are the main publications of the University under the management of USC Press where the research outputs of the faculty and students are published.

The College has created the College Research Council that works closely with the University’s Office of Research.  It is responsible for promoting the research culture and evaluating research proposals for internal funding.


Chair                :              Dr. Fiscalina A. Nolasco           (Arts Division)
Dr. Patrick John Y. Lim            (Sciences Division)

Members          :

  1. Dr. Filipina B. Sotto                                                         (Biology)
  2. Dr. Patrick John Y. Lim                                                    (Chemistry)
  3. Dr. Roland Emerito S. Otadoy                                        (Physics)
  4. Mrs. Teodora J. Punzalan                                               (Mathematics)
  5. Mr. Elizalde J. Duran                                                        (Computer Science)
  6. Dr. Fiscalina A. Nolasco                                                 (History and SoAn)
  7. Mr. George Emmanuel R. Borrinaga                             (History and SoAn)
  8. Ms. Mary Ann P. Malimas                                               (Languages and Literature)
  9. Mrs. Maxie Doreen L. Cabarron                                    (Library and Information Science)
  10. Mr. Orlando Ali M. Mandane, Jr.                                    (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  11. Mr. Reuel C. Yap                                                             (Psychology)