Student Organizations

Student Organizations

  1. Biology Council
  2. Carolinian History Society
  3. Carolinian Library and Information Science Association
  4. Carolinian Sociology-Anthropology Students Society
  5. Cyberlogics Society
  6. Datalogics Society
  7. English Majors Association
  8. Graduate Student Organization
  9. Marine Biology Council
  10. Mathematics Society
  11. Organization of Religious Education Majors
  12. Physics Society
  13. Psychology Society
  14. Sophia
  15. USC Chemistry Students Association

The College recognizes the importance of student organizations in campus life. Hence, all academic departments support the existence of their co-curricular organizations.
All of these student organizations are under the umbrella of the College Student Council which is responsible for enticing the participation of the studentry in college- and university-sponsored activities.  It also enlivens the social life of the students.
The student leaders are also considered as College Ambassadors, helping in the promotion of the curricular offerings of the college.  They are also involved in curricular program enhancement.

CAS Council Officers
AY 2013-2014

Chairman                                                                                       Kirk Yngwie Enriquez

Deputy Chairman for Arts                                                            Bryle Ian Mendaros

Deputy Chairman for Sciences                                                  Smith Dwight Cabe

Secretary General                                                                       Orlando Fuentes Jr.

Assistant Secretary                                                                     Seachel Oyao

Undersecretary for Finance                                                        Christine Marie Cornelio

Finance Officer for Arts                                                               Michiko Gandionco

Finance Officer for Sciences                                                      Maria Aiza Maniwang

Auditor for Arts                                                                             Emmanuel Hernandez

Auditor for Sciences                                                                    Glenzyl Hermosilla

Public Information Officer for Arts                                              Jay Noel Martinez

Public Information Officer for Sciences                                    Jay Lorenz Dungo