Application information

Simplified admission and enrollment procedures are announced for incoming first year students, graduate students, and transferees. Please consult the memorandum issued by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for guidance.

The USC College of Law also announced simplified application procedures for 1st semester, AY 2020-21. Download the full application guidelines here.

For students intending to apply for admission to the USC Senior High School, please check this page in February for the advisory from the SHS Registrar.


College Admission Examination schedule for AY2020-2021

The Admissions Office has announced off-site and on-site College Admission Examination schedules for AY2020-21 intake. Download the complete schedule here. Download our flyers here: admission flyer, academic programs, new applicants, transferees.


Enrolment Guide for International Students

The enrollment guide for International Students can be downloaded or opened here.


Master of Science in Library and Information Science (M.S. L.I.S.) bridging program

Intending to pursue a career in library science? A bridging program for non-Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.S.) graduates is opened for students interested to enroll in the M.S. L.I.S. program. The bridging program consists of 12 units of core courses namely:

LIS 1201 Collection Management of Information Resources (3 units)
LIS 1202 Information Resources and Services 1 (3 units)
LIS 1203 Organization of Information Resources 1 (3 units)
LIS 2201 Management of Library and Information Centers (3 units)

For more information, visit the LIS section on the 2nd floor of the Baumgartner Learning Resource Center in Talamban Campus.


Admission to Basic Education

Admission requirements and other relevant information for admission to the North Campus can be downloaded here.

Admission to Senior High School

Admission requirements and other relevant information for Grade 11 are being updated. Please check this page in February.

Please find below relevant information that you will need to apply for admission to your program of choice prior to proceeding to enrolment.

Admission flyer
Admission procedure for new applicants, transferees
Academic programs