College Publications

“TALAAN ng Ideya” is the newly-launched College of Education publication that bears both “TALA” and “TALAAN”. The most known meaning of the Filipino word “TALA” is “STAR”; educators must aim for the stars even when the exigencies of the classroom compel them to stay on the ground.

“TALA” and “TALAAN” are also Filipino lexemes for “RECORD”, “LIST”, even “JOURNAL”. Accordingly, the ”TALAAN ng IDEYA” records a phase of the cycle of inquiry that transpires in a teacher’s mind before a home-grown teaching-and-learning strategy could evolve into a peer-respected paradigm. It is also meant to be a list of ideas that might spur the emerging educator, the student, to join the ranks of those who truly – unbelievably to some – find joy in research.