Community Service

CES Program of the College of Engineering

The Community Extension Services (CES) is a component which conveys its commitment to service, driven by humanitarian and Christian ideals. It is providing service to peoples, groups, and communities inside and outside USC. In this perspective, the College of Engineering expertise is harnessed and continually improved for the betterment of delivering service to society.

The College of Engineering –Community Extension Services aspires for sustained involvement of faculty and students in the exercise of their skills to bring about assistance to the less endowed, ultimately towards the alleviation of poverty.

Specific Objectives

  • To expand and enhance the immersion activities of students hands-on experiences in the community/industry setting as application of theories learned in the classroom.
  • To sustain faculty and students involvement in reach-out activities which transfer such technologies as skills in machine operation, simple production processes, electrical wiring, basic electronics, and others to beneficiary communities.
  • To develop other operations that support the CES program of the University.
  • To provide venue for continuing education of practicing engineers through dissemination of information generated through research to foster the exchange of expertise.
  • CES Offered by the Different Departments of the College

    Department of Civil Engineering

    The Department of Civil Engineering through its facilities accepts and conducts laboratory and field test; soils and materials testing from various clients (academe, government and industries) in the Visayas and Mindanao. The following are the tests conducted:

    For Soils:

    specific gravity, consistency limits, grading (wet and Dry analysis), laboratory compaction (standard and modified), destructive method of field density test using sand cone density apparatus, tri-axial test and california bearing ratio test.

    For Construction Materials:

    tension and bending test for steel;compression, modulus rupture, split tension for concrete; specific gravity and absorption, unit weight (loose and rodded), grading; organic impurities for concrete aggregates; time setting and normal consistency for portland cement;

    Department of Chemical Engineering

    The Department of Chemical Engineering is involved in activities that promotes interaction between its faculty, students, and staff, and other sectors in society via its facilities and perceived expertise, through activities identified as needed such as the following:

    Accommodation of student-groups from other schools and universities, in particular, those from the other provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao, in their visits to the chemical engineering laboratories with appropriate lectures.

    Use of equipment and facilities by outside institutions at a minimal fee.

    Conduct review classes for the chemical engineering board examination at very reasonable fees for graduates from the Visayas and Mindanao.

    Attendance of its faculty members in environmental & waste engineering, biotechnology seminars as participants, facilitators or resource persons.

    Conduct Demonstration sessions on “kitchen” technologies such as soap making, paper making, wax, candle making, etc..

    Conduct consultancy work related to wastewater treatment systems.

    Participation of faculty-representative in seminars, and any other forms of gathering as called for by the CES committee of the university.

    Department of Computer Engineering

    The Department of Computer Engineering provides training and seminars on Basic Computer Hands-on, Software Applications, Multimedia Presentation, Computer Networking, Computer Programming, WEB-page development, Internet hands-on and Applications, Microprocessor-based Systems Design, Microcontroller- based Systems upon request. The department offers services such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) training, designing, prototyping and production to students and industry.

    Department of EE/ECE

    The EE/ECE Department conducts lectures and short-term trainings on Digital Signal Processing, Microcontrollers, Microelectronics, and in partnership with SMART, GSM Technology. The department conducts lectures and short-term training on Microsoft Office among public high school teachers thru SMART and Microsoft’s “Partners in Learning” (PIL) Program.

    Department of ME/IE

    The ME/IE Department actively supports the CES Program of the College of Engineering and adopts the notion that CES could be the services of our faculty, staff, and students in line with their expertise, shared to target communities, which could include out-of-school-youth, outside communities, and fellow professionals.

    Material Testing Services: include the mechanical test of materials, certification and qualification tests of materials according to standards, and determination of properties of fuels an lubricants; with clientele includes home-grown industries, government units, and NGO’s in Visayas and Mindanao

    Special Studies in Manufacturing Productivity Improvement, Computer-aided design of Machine and Machine Elements and Power/Industrial Plant, and fabrication of Machine and Machine Design.