About the College

The USC Engineering-Industry Linkage Program (EILP) is a program that started as a voluntary effort between the academe and the industry. Its objective is to share responsibility in complementing the education of the students and augmenting faculty members’ experience, which are made possible through the Student Immersion Program, Faculty Special Projects, Seminars and Plant Visits. In so doing, the gap between theoretical learning and application in the industrial and /or commercial setting will be addressed.

  • As with other academe-industry linkage program, the College of Engineering linkage program espoused the following objectives:
  • The upgrading of the status of engineering education and practice so that industry will be able to draw top caliber engineers into the various industrial fields;
  • The incorporation into the curricula of the College technology and practice applicable to the industry;
  • The development of mechanism for the exchange of technical knowledge of expertise between the College of Engineering of the University of San Carlos and the Industry as well as with other academic institutions for their mutual benefit; and
  • Strengthening the efforts for potential collaborative research works between the academe and the industry.
  • The College of Engineering has established linkages with various companies since the engineering – industry linkage program was conceptualized in 1990. To date the program has topped more than 100 companies from the microelectronics, semiconductor, electronics, electrical, manufacturing, food processing, petroleum and chemical processing, construction, transportation and communication and information technology sector.

    Member companies of the engineering industry linkage program:

    1. ACA Video
    2. Airfreight 2100 Inc. – Cebu (FedEx)
    3. Air Transportation Office
    4. All Fresh Food Products, Inc.
    5. Artisans Creations International Corp.
    6. Asahi Optical Phils. Corp.
    7. Asia Flora International Co.
    8. Axent Wood Corp. (formerly CADI Corp.)
    9. Aztec Motors
    10. Banilad Woodcraft (Stone Craft Div)
    11. Breeders Business Group, Inc.
    12. Casa Cebuana Inc.
    13. Castilex Industrial Corp.
    14. Cebu Craft Masters Int’l, Inc.
    15. Cebu Rattan Company
    16. Cebu VMC Marketing Corp.
    17. Celestica (NEC Technologies)
    18. Celloom Furniture Corporation
    19. Central Island Bakery Sales Inc.
    20. Daitoh Precisions, Inc
    21.Dedon Manufacturing Inc.
    22. Diamond Cane International, Inc.
    23. Dole Philippines Inc.
    24. East Asia Utilities Corp.
    25. Energizer Philippines Inc.
    26. Fairchild Semiconductor
    27. Fast Cargo Logistics Corp.
    28. Festo (Didactic), Incorporated
    29. FJP Lines, Inc.
    30. Four (4) A’s Development Corp.
    31. General Milling Corp.
    32. Gibon Furniture Center
    33. Global Motors Cebu Distribution
    34. Globe Telecom
    35. Gothong Southern Cebu, Inc.
    36. Honda Cars Cebu, Inc.
    37. Horizon Int’l & Mfg, Inc.
    38. International Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    39. Interior Basics Export Corp.
    40. Interior Craft of the Island, Inc.
    41. Island Souvenirs Inc.
    42. Janice Minor Export, Inc.
    43. JLQ International, Inc.
    44. Judah Reproduction Inc.
    45. Keppel Cebu Shipyard and Engineering Works
    46. King’s Quality Foods Cebu Inc
    47. Kingdom Resources Corportaion
    48. LFM Exports International
    49. La Tondena Distillers, Inc.
    50. Lear Automotive (EEDS) Phils.
    51. Lexmark International (Phils), Inc.
    52. Lexmark Research and Development Corp.
    53. Linea Fina, Inc.
    54. Machine Systems Corp.
    55. Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority
    56. Mactan Rock Industries, Inc.
    57. Maitland Smith Cebu Inc.
    58. Matimco, Inc.
    59. Mayol International Export Inc.
    60. Mendco Development Corporation
    61. (affiliated with Mastercraft Philippines, Inc)
    62. Metaphil, Inc.
    63. Mitsubishi Motors Cebu Corp.
    64. MPSU International
    65. Muramoto Audio Visual Phils., Inc.
    66. Olympus Optical Technology Phils., Inc.
    67. Orange Brutus
    68. PEBA Trading & Mfg. Corp.
    69. Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corp.
    70. Pantera Inc.
    71. PASAR, Inc.
    72. Pentax Cebu Phils. Corp.
    73. Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc.
    74. Perlae Trading Corp.
    75. Philippine Iino Corporation
    76. Philippine Kino Corporation
    77. Philippines Makuto Corporation
    78. Piedralini, Inc.
    79. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
    80. Porta Coeili Industrial Co., Inc.
    81. Precision Micro Circuits Incorporated
    82. Prefood International Corp.
    83. Republic Cebu Powdercoat Corp.
    84. Robai International Corp.
    85. Rollway Freight & Customs Brokerage Corp.
    86. Royal Match, Inc.
    87. RuralNet
    88. Sabas Suarez Enterprises
    89. San Gabriel Enterprises
    90. San Miguel Corporation
    91. San Miguel Brewing Phils.
    92. SAWO, Inc.
    93. Scarborough Fine Furnishing Inc.
    94. SMART Communications, Inc.
    95. Souhatsu Cebu Manufacturing, Inc.
    96. Stoneworld Impex Inc.
    97. TEC Industries, Inc.
    98. T&H Furnishing Industries, Inc.
    99. Taiyo Yuden (Phils) Inc.
    100. Timex Phils. Inc.
    101. Transco Visayas (National Power Corporation)
    102. Tropitek International, Inc.
    103. USA Sports, Inc.
    104. Visayan Electric Company
    105. YYKredit Inc.