Mechanical Engineering

Overview of the Department

The Mechanical Engineering program of the University was established in 1951 at the Main Building of the university. Rebuilding of the country after WW II until the 1970s saw the emergence of companies like Atlas Mining Corp. and San Miguel Corporation, during which time and up to the present, there is an increase in the demand for mechanical engineers in the fields of Power Plant Engineering, Industrial Plant Engineering, and Machine Design.

The College of Engineering was transferred to the Talamban Campus known then as the USC Technological Center in 1965. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is located at the Ground and 2nd Floors of the Bunzel Building. The 2nd Floor is where the lecture rooms are located while the Ground Floor houses the following laboratories: Mechanical Design Lab, Hydraulic Machineries Lab, Fuels and Lubricants Lab, Instrumentation Lab, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab, and Materials Testing Lab. A separate building houses the Machine Shop.

In 1995, the College of Engineering participated in the Engineering and Science Education Program of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ESEP) Program in consortium with selected top engineering schools in Visayas and Mindanao to introduce thePractice-Oriented Master of Engineering Program specifically to afford graduate engineering training to engineers in industry. It established a Consortium of Schools of Engineering in Visayas and Mindanao for the collaborative development of the engineering curriculum.

With the verticalization of Practice Oriented Master of Engineering the department established the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Thermo-fluids and Design andDynamics in 2005. The department is one of the many engineering departments of the consortium universities of the Department of Science and Techology – Engineering Research For Development and Technology (DOST-ERDT).

In 2010, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) identified the Mechanical Engineering program of the University as Center of Development (COD), the first and only COD in the Mechanical Engineering program in Region 7.

Department of Mechanical Engineering: VISION and MISSION


The best learning institution in Southeast Asia for Mechanical Engineering.


The USC department of mechanical engineering is committed to:

  • Prepare Mechanical Engineering students for leadership positions and professional practice on academia, industry and government.
  • Stimulate and grow the economy by providing qualified Mechanical Engineering professionals by transferring the Mechanical Engineering technologies developed in Mechanical Engineering research to the private sector.
  • Make the faculty members feel that the USC Mechanical Engineering is the best place for them to build their careers because of its research and teaching environment.
  • Nurture the intellectual growth of Mechanical Engineering students and faculty and to serve humanity through the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge relevant to the field of Mechanical Engineering.