18 eng’g studes join Jember cultural immersion program

November 7, 2018 07:04 am

Eighteen students from the School of Engineering accepted the invitation by Universitas Jember to join this year’s cultural immersion program from November 8-17, 2018.

These students (see photo below) are Jaian Marie M. Abangan (B.S. I.E. 5), Maja Andrea M. Apuya (B.S. I.E. 5), Meryll Kay B. Avenceña (B.S. Cp.E. 5), Vinz Martina B. Bacay (B.S. C.E. 5), Vince I. Bardenas (B.S. C.E. 4), Clyde Matthew Y. Condor (B.S. Cp.E. 4), Brent Kyle Erik L. Go (B.S. C.E. 4), John Emerald D. Golo (B.S. C.E. 5), Kristal A. Kilat (B.S. Cp.E. 4), James Wilmer N. Lim (B.S. Cp.E. 4), Jacgil Antoni B. Oculam (B.S. E.C.E. 4), Liane Angeli Y. Rabuya (B.S. E.C.E. 4), Jezreel V. Tan (B.S. Cp.E. 4), Mhary Joy Tan (B.S. E.C.E. 5), Terrence Edward C. Tan Ting (B.S. I.E. 4), Paula Krystal P. Taracatac (B.S. I.E. 5), Meryll Shaine V. Tiu (B.S. C.E. 4), and Angelo L. Zagala (B.S. I.E. 4).

This nine-day cultural immersion program is part of the academic agreement between Universitas Jember and the University of San Carlos, which allows students to immerse and witness Indonesian culture and tradition by exposing them in real life experiences. The program includes learning Bahasa Indonesia, how batik is made, sing traditional Indonesian songs, and play Gamelan instruments, Indonesia’s traditional music instruments.

The students will also be exposed to the maintenance of a cocoa plantation and chocolate factory in the Indonesian Cocoa and Coffee Institute, participate in Jember’s own Fashion Carnival Workshop, supposedly the 4th largest carnival in the world, and get to enjoy the beauty of Papuma Beach.

Besides cultural experiences, the students will participate in short courses in engineering which will be taught by Universitas Jember’s faculty members. Courses prepared for the students include lecture and laboratory classes in Materials Engineering and Artificial Intelligence for Robots. A field trip that will display some of Jember’s traditional architecture is also scheduled, including visits to Sukowono Village and Sampean Baru Dam.

Engr. Christopher James M. Labrador (Department of Computer Engineering) and Engr. Fritz Nichole D. Abad (Department of Industrial Engineering) will serve as faculty chaperones.

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