About SBE

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) is previously named as the College of Commerce of the University of San Carlos. It has come a long way after it was founded in 1937. Fr. Bernard Bonk, SVD, is the founder and first Dean of the college of the then San Carlos College, now the University of San Carlos. It is currently composed of the following departments: Accountancy, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Economics, and Graduate Programs.
The Cebuano Studies Center of the university has preserved copies of The Carolinian of the early 1940s which contained bits of information about the first Dean and founder of the college. Fr. Bonk was in charge of the financial affairs of the Society of the Divine Word in the United States before he was transferred to the Philippine SVD. As a young priest, he was sent for post-graduate studies in business by the SVD to prepare him for an important assignment in the future. He went to De Paul University in Chicago for his commerce degree and finished the Master’s degree at Harvard University in Boston.

The SVD Fathers took over the administration of San Carlos College in 1935. They immediately realized the need for competent administrators for the growing departments of the College. When the need for a College of Commerce was established, the local superiors could only think of Fr. Bonk to be the Dean and founder of the new College of Commerce. He also took the post of Vice Rector and Treasurer of San Carlos College.

During his sacerdotal silver jubilee celebration on September 30, 1940, Fr. Bonk was described as an educator, a missionary and above all, a dedicated priest.
The present School of Business and Economics is presently headed by Dr. Rene Y. Paquibut as Dean; Dr. Challoner A. Matero, Assistant Dean; with the Chairs of Accountancy, Atty. Christopher C. Malaya; Business Administration, Dr. Grace Marie Lape; Hospitality Management, Dr. Joseph Villanueva; Economics, Prof. Frank Largo, and Dr. Cecil S. Gantalao as Chair of Graduate Programs.

In addition to the admninistrators of its academic units, the SBE has a Center for Entrepreneurship and Lifelong Learning (CELL) under Dr. Teresita Abarquez. The CELL was established in August 2010 to promote entrepreneurship by providing capability building programs. To support SBE in improving research productivity or students and faculty, a Research Office was established; Dr. Maritess Khanser is the Research Coordinator. And finally, to facilitate improvement in the teaching-learning process, a Curriculum and Instruction, and Accreditation Coordinator was appointed in the person of Dr. Melanie Banzuela-De Ocampo.