Accountancy Department

Chair’s Welcome Message!

The Department of Accountancy is the pride of the School of Business and Economics. For the past years, it has been producing a consistent number of topnotchers in the CPA Licensure Examination, with its passing percentage way up the national passing rate.

The department offers two undergraduate programs. Its core courses: financial accounting, auditing, managerial accounting, taxation and business law, are now being revised to adapt to outcomes-based education. These programs are most sought after by students and parents for its ready employability. They are also the best programs for pre-law, considering the number of CPA lawyers among our alumni.

The department has a pool of competent faculty members, mostly with postgraduate degrees. Each brings with him or her the expertise in the different areas of accounting. The department also has a multi-awarded student organization and has produced a significant number of outstanding student leaders and outstanding students, both locally and nationally.

Welcome and be a part of our journey towards excellence.

Eleanor Paclijan, CPA, MAIA, MSA
Department of Accountancy