Doctor of Philosophy in Management (2008 Curriculum)

Admission Requirements:

  • A Master’s degree in Management, Business, Commerce or relevant academic discipline.
  • Graduates of non-business related programs should take 12 units of pre-requisites that are identified in the MBA program of SY 2008-2009 before enrolling in the PhD program. These include: Business Statistics, Accounting Principles, Macro-micro Economics and Computer Applications in Business.
  • Graduates of non-thesis master’s degrees are required to enrol in 9 units of research courses offered in the MBA thesis program (MBA 2978 Elements of Business Research, MBA 2988 Research Writing and MBA 2998 Thesis Counseling), produce a quality research paper, present it to a panel of evaluators and upon passing, to enrol in the PhD program.
  • The applicant must submit a brief description of the research he/she expects to undertake at the dissertation stage. This should include strong background knowledge and understanding of the topic and why it is important, and some basic recognition that the topic must address conceptual issues and not merely descriptive ones. On the basis of this the applicant will be assigned a dissertation adviser.
  • A general point average (GPA) of 85% in master’s degree. Those below this average may be allowed to take the entrance examination upon the approval of the Dean. However, upon passing the entrance examination one may be admitted to the program on probationary status. Such a student will be formally enrolled in the program upon securing a GPA of 2.0 in all subjects enrolled on probationary status.
  • For international student applicants, submit required documents from Office of External affairs (listings to be given by the office) and get a referral slip.


  • Emphasis on applied research
  • Tailored to part-time students
  • International business exposure
  • Specialization in Management
Philosophical Foundation (12 units)
Course No.
PhD 301
PhD 302
PhD 303
PhD 304
PhD 305
PhD 306
PhD 307
PhD 308
PhD 309
PhD 310
PhD 311
PhD 312

PhD 340
PhD 350
Descriptive Title
Management Research and the Research Process
Research Design and Methodology
Multivariate Statistics
Current Research in Management
Marketing Management
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
International Business
IT Application in Management
Organizational Development
Teaching Business at the Tertiary Level
Small & Medium Enterprise Management
Strategic Management
Comprehensive Examination
Dissertation Proposal (3 units)
Dissertation Counselling (6 units x3 terms)