Economics Department

Welcome Message of the Chair

The Department of Economics is the research arm of the University’s School of Business and Economics. This is the department where researchers are born and research capabilities are honed. With our high ratio of lecturers per student, we are able to offer intensive and personalized instruction in core economics courses.

The department’s focus is to train students to analytically and critically solve complex problems, be skilled in observation and inference from data and be adept in presenting ideas in compelling writing and speech. We hope to fascinate students with applying economic reasoning to a wide variety of issues. We prepare them to take an active participation in an ever-changing world as informed citizens. The emphasis on economic issues and policies give students in economics a more complete picture of the world and more ways for understanding the complex world in which we live. In addition, we aim to imbibe in them the quest for inclusive growth which embraces the welfare of the other as their own – consistent with the motto of the University – to be living witnesses of the Word of God.

This task is made possible with the department’s faculty composed of dedicated economists with diverse interests. Our research focuses on select areas in economic development, environmental policy, human resources, business and industry, and energy.

Welcome to the Department of Economics!

Corazon G. Anzano, PhD
Chair, Department of Economics