Hospitality Management Department

Brief History

The University of San Carlos Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) program started in 1994 under the College of Education with initial enrolment of 150 students. This program was under the Home Economics and Nutrition Department which was later changed to Home Economics, Hotel Restaurant Management, and Nutrition Department. The program first assisted in the catering function for the more than one thousand participants during the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) National Convention in 1995. A revised curriculum with more major courses and increasing the number of units in the Communication Arts subject was offered in 1997. This time, enrollment had soared to almost 700 students. But because of the limited number of classrooms, the program had to peg its enrollment to a maximum of 400 students. In 2002, a skills-based four-year curriculum was offered. The first two years of this program focused on restaurant operation and the rest of the time delved on hotel management.

In 2004, the Department was transferred to the College of Commerce under the Department of Hospitality Management. This was conditioned by the curricular realignment as directed by the Commission of Higher Education. Started in that year, the Apprenticeship by Experience program, which was made possible through the cooperation of Superferry of the Aboitiz Transport Group, exposed practicum students to a sea-based hotel. In 2005, the Bachelor of Tourism Management program opened with 97 students. This was also the year when the International Practicum Training Program (IPTP) to the United States and Singapore started. To date, there are 26 students in the (IPTP) USA program; some of them in Virginia (Seaworld) and Florida (Busch Garden). The Department of Hospitality Management has almost 600 students as of the second semester of school year 2005-2006.