Home Technology Department

Chair’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the Home Technology Section!

The Section is offering a dynamic program, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, which is a four-year course that consists of general education subjects and professional subjects. This program is mandated by CHED Memo no. 54, series 2006.

Nutrition Dietetics education is designed to adequately equip the students with the fundamental knowledge, attitudes and skills in food, nutrition, dietetics, management and allied fields in order to prepare them for professional responsibilities in education and communication, food and nutrition, research, clinical dietetics, food service institutions, wellness programs and public health/community nutrition.

This program is responsive to Philippine society and takes into account its needs, resources and potentials. The students we envision to educate and train will be imbued with the Filipino spirit, ideals, aspirations and traditions attuned to global developments.

Elvira B. Madronial
Home Technology Section