Pharmacy Department

Welcome Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy!

The Department of Pharmacy has brought the University of San Carlos honor with quality education and training of students to produce a long list of topnotchers in the Pharmacists Licensure Examination. Consistently, the program maintains above national passing percentage in the licensure examination.

The Pharmacy profession has a variety of careers to choose from. A pharmacist can be employed in the academe, drugstores, drug manufacturing firms, hospitals, and government agencies, to name a few. Specific areas to explore include research, drug assay and product development, drug and drug establishment regulation, clinical setting in hospitals and similar institutions. A drug expert receives ample training in biology, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacology, and entrepreneurship, making Carolinian pharmacists equipped with the needed skills and know-how to face the world.

The BS Pharmacy program is lauded in both the national and international levels. An option to purse a 5th year to finish with a degree in BS Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences makes our graduates employable in the United States and Canada. The Master of Science in Pharmacy degree offers a good balance of course work and research which makes graduates of the program competitive and competent especially for those who invest in a teaching career.

If service is your passion, be a globally competent Carolinian pharmacist!

Nelly Nonette M. Ouano
Chair, Department of Pharmacy