The USC School of Engineering, together with the Spady and Uy Center, organized the OBE Regional Conference at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug last November 10 to 11, 2016.

The speaker was no less than the Father of OBE, Dr. William Spady from the USA. The theme of the conference was Implementing Authentic OBE: Fundamentals and Options, which was participated in by policy makers, curriculum leaders, program designers, administrators, faculty, accreditation specialists in all levels of  Basic Education and Higher Education coming from different universities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Dr. Francis Aldrine Uy, Dean of the School of Civil, Environment and Geogical Engineering of Mapua Institute of Technology, the partner of Dr. William Spady in the Spady and Uy Center, was also a speaker on the topic Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation: The power, purpose and of promise of EvalTools, A learning tracking system and more.

The conference aimed to promote collaboration between educators and industry to capitalize on existing initiatives that encourage Outcome-Based Thinking and implementation, such as the ASEAN Integration, the Washington Accord, and ABET accreditation. Its largest goal was to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Transformational Outcome-Based Education as a vehicle that can dramatically expand students’ opportunities and success in learning, leading and living at all levels of education.

The two day conference was filled with stimulating yet fun interaction, making the participants realized the true essence of Outcomes-Based Education.

Source: School of Engineering

  13 December 2016