The University of San Carlos Institutional Ethics Review Committee (USC IERC) has been awarded a one-year provisional Philippine Health Research Ethics Board (PHREB) Level 1 Accreditation effective January 6, 2017 until January 5, 2018. The announcement was contained in a letter from Dr. Leonardo de Castro, PHREB Chair, addressed to Dr. Ryan Urbano, USC IERC Chair.

The provisional accreditation will give the REC sufficient time to address the issues raised by the Committee on Standards and Accreditation. Formal awarding of the accreditation certificate will be held during the PCHRD anniversary in March 2017.

Once accredited, the REC must comply with the 2016 PHREB accreditation policies. As PHREB accredited REC, it will be USC’s responsibilities to meet the following requirements: submission of annual reports, reporting of any controversial or important ethical issues in the course its work, preparedness to be monitored or audited by PHREB, and posting of accreditation certificate. REC shall post or display its certificate of accreditation in a conspicuous area within its office.

As a PHREB accredited Level 1 REC, USC IERC shall continue to upgrade its work as a quality review committee by consistently being updated about, and complying with international, national standards and SOPs, continuing ethics training, improving review of protocols and monitoring the conduct of studies and post-approval procedures till the end of the study.

Source: Office of External Relations
               9 January 2017