Overview of the Department

This is one place in the University that literally exudes with life. After all, life in all forms and colors is what Biology is all about.

The USC Department of Biology has exciting offers for anyone who enjoys the wonders of the natural world and who plans to make a serious career out of it. We offer three undergraduate programs (Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science), three master’s programs (Master of Science in Biology, Master of Science in Marine Biology and Master of Science in Environmental Science) and three-tracked doctoral programs (Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Track A: Bioscience, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Track B: Marine Biology and Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Track C: Environmental Science).

Both faculty and students in the Department have ample opportunities to learn and work together in exciting classroom and laboratory activities as well as in fieldwork. The Department also holds yearly forums where students and teachers get to present and share their research work. The different student organizations within the Department also share their mentors’ initiatives in reaching out to communities to share their knowledge in projects and information drive promoting preservation of the environment.

A biologist is surely one person you cannot tell to get a life. For he or she is already in the thick of it. Now, if that idea excites you, call the Office of the Chair at (+63 32) 230-0100 local 156.

Aims & Objectives

The Department aims to offer programs that equip students with an updated general knowledge of concepts and processes in Biology and other related sciences. It also seeks to provide the students and faculty with the most advanced facilities necessary for the accomplishment of meaningful and community-oriented research. It also aims to expand its linkages with funding agencies, academic and scientific institutions; and to assist other concerned sectors in the community by providing them with information and assistance in various areas of Biology.