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Student Support and Services

In support of academic instruction, the University of San Carlos’ Student Support and Services, as an integrated system, is committed to the delivery of quality services and programs essential in the formation of Carolinian graduates who are envisioned to become productive citizens of the country and the world. We are committed to continuously improve our services, processes and our quality management system for the enhancement of student experience in the university; this may require the participation of our suppliers and other external providers of processes and services. Feel free to access our dedicated portal to learn more.

Caloy is the client-facing and interactive version of the Quality Management System documentation of USC’s student support and services.  It is an innovative visual communication tool specially designed for Carolinians to assist them when navigating for locations, processes and services around the campus. Amidst the pandemic, the “Caloy on the web” was launched so that Carolinians can access it remotely.