Prospective students have a cornucopia of choices from undergraduate programs covering multiple disciplines with various options for majors and minors. Aligned with the University’s education mission, these academic programs are relevant and responsive to the demands of business and industry and sensitive to social needs. USC graduates are employed within one to six months after completion of their degree.

Undergraduate programs are listed alphabetically or per department. The full listing can also be downloaded here.

Baccalaureate programs (alphabetical listing)

Baccalaureate programs (program listing)

School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design

Department of Architecture

Department of Fine Arts

School of Arts and Sciences

Department of Anthropology, Sociology and History

Department of Chemistry

Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Mathematics

Department of Philosophy

Department of Psychology

School of Health Care Professions

Department of Nursing

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Department of Pharmacy

School of Law and Governance

Department of Political Science

School of Business and Economics

Department of Accountancy

Department of Business Administration

Department of Economics

Department of Hospitality Management

School of Education

Department of Teacher Education

Department of Science and Mathematics Education

School of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering