Message from the President

For generations, USC has nurtured hearts and minds, igniting the flames of knowledge and compassion within countless individuals. But to continue this legacy, to keep these flames burning bright, we need your unwavering support.

Today, I encourage you: Give to USC.

By giving to USC, you become more than a donor; you become an architect of dreams. You empower our students—the brightest minds of our time—to reach their full potential. You fuel our research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and finding solutions to the challenges that face our society. You strengthen our community, providing a haven for learning, growth, and service to those who need it most.

We are not simply asking for money; we are asking for your partnership, your belief in the transformative power of education. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow, a future where USC continues to be a catalyst for positive change, a source of pride for Cebu, and a beacon of hope for the world.

Together, let us build a legacy that echoes through the halls of time, a legacy of “scientia, virtus, devotio”—knowledge, character, and service—that stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the University of San Carlos.