Community Extension Services

Community Extension Services

The College Committee on Community Extension Services is tasked to develop a college-wide program that would entail the conduct of community-extension related activities that involve all the academic departments and units.  Each department however, also conceptualizes its own program that makes use of its expertise in extending service to the community.


  • To provide individuals with opportunities to practice learning on the ground and expose them to holistic approaches to community service and development
  • To achieve more focused community extension work with truly quantifiable impact
  • To establish linkages with other academic institutions, business and industry sectors, local government units, non-governmental organizations and professional organizations.

The College Committee on Extension Services closely coordinates with the University Office of Community Extension Services.



Chair                    :              Mrs. Devra Rae O. Gelbolingo            (Arts Division)
Ms. Daisy P. Salve                                 (Sciences  Division)

Members          :

  1. Ms. Norielyn N. Abalos                                    (Biology)
  2. Ms. Rosemay N. Almirante                             (Chemistry)
  3. Mr. Unofre B. Pili                                              (Physics)
  4. Mr. Rodulfo T. Aunzo, Jr.                                 (Mathematics)
  5. Mr. Eduardo P. Mendoza                                (Computer Science)
  6. Dr. Leny  Ocasiones-Perez                            (History and SoAn)
  7. Ms. Charlotte G. Ablen                                    (Languages and Literature)
  8. Ms. Cristita L. Lanticse                                    (Library and Information Science)
  9. Mrs. Rhea Mae T. Yaun                                   (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  10. Ms. Marianne E. Taladua                                (Psychology)