Ch.E. Chair receives award as Filipino face of biotechnology

Dr. Camila Flor Yagonia Lobarbio, Chair of the USC Department of Chemical Engineering, has been recognized as an Outstanding Researcher and Educator in the field of Enzyme Engineering and Biotechnology by the Department of Agriculture Biotechnology Program Office (DA-BPO) on December 1, 2022, in Quezon City, Philippines. 

From left: Dir. Claro N. Mingala (DA Biotechnology Program), Dr. Lobarbio, USec. Mercedita A. Sombilla (DA Policy, Planning, and Regulations).

The Filipino Face of Biotechnology is awarded to individuals with exceptional contributions to the advancement of biotechnology in the country. This year marks its seventh installment.

As a leading biotechnology researcher, academician, and chemical engineer, Dr. Lobarbio hopes to advance her contributions to the development of Philippine Biotechnology by going beyond not just Cebu, but also the country.

Her years of study and research led to international publications, including the book, Fundamentals of Enzyme Engineering in 2017 which was published by Springer International. At the moment, her recent works are focused on the extraction of high-value bioactive compounds from local agricultural waste biomass. 

Leading the USC Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. Lobarbio is at the forefront of knowledge regarding enzymes and bioprocessing. She shares her valuable experiences and insights with both undergraduate and graduate students in their biotechnology and bioprocessing courses.

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