Nursing dept welcomes Japanese delegates from Toho University

The USC Department of Nursing welcomed Japanese delegates from Toho University on March 5–8, 2024, providing delegates with a glimpse into the pedagogical practices and teaching methodologies employed in Philippine nursing education. 

Faculty members Professor Masami Sase and Professor Nami Harada together with students Nayuka Ichikawa, Sorika Asanuma, Yurika Yamano, and Roi Kurabayashi met with Nursing students and faculty members from USC. 

Their visit not only highlighted cultural exchange but also facilitated an enriching exploration of nursing education, healthcare systems, and practical experiences in both Japan and the Philippines.

Their first day of visit commenced with a meet and greet, allowing both parties to establish rapport. This was followed by detailed presentations of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curricula and the healthcare systems of Japan and the Philippines which fostered a deeper understanding of the contextual distinction of our nursing education and nursing practices.    

The delegates also participated in our Microbiology and Parasitology Laboratory and the Fundamentals of Nursing RLE classes. 

Toho University students and professors joined a Fundamentals of Nursing RLE class.

The Japanese student delegates engaged in learning activities alongside the Carolinian students, facilitating mutual learning and fostering camaraderie and collaboration among aspiring nurses from diverse backgrounds.

Community Visit at Barangay Guba

The delegates also embarked on a community visit to Barangay Guba, underscoring the importance of community-oriented healthcare. This learning opportunity enabled the delegates to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities prevalent in community healthcare delivery. 

Through collaborative engagement with local healthcare professionals and community leaders, the delegates were able to observe firsthand the pivotal role of public health nurses and community health volunteers in promoting health equity and addressing community-specific health concerns.

Hospital Tours at PSH and VSMMC

The culminating day of the visit featured their hospital tours at Perpetual Succour Hospital (PSH) and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC). These tours provided the delegates the opportunity to observe clinical practices, healthcare protocols, and patient care processes within the Philippine healthcare setting. 

TU delegates during their tour at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) together with 3rd year BSN students at the Neurosurgery Ward.

Engaging in discussions with hospital heads and nursing staff further enriched their understanding of the challenges and best practices inherent in the Philippine healthcare delivery system.

The visit of the delegates from Toho University to the University of San Carlos Department of Nursing epitomized the spirit of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in the field of nursing education. 

The four-day visit encompassing academic presentations, sharing of practical experiences, community engagement, and hospital tours not only deepened mutual understanding but also paved the way for collaborative partnerships in nursing education and practice. 

As global citizens committed to healthcare excellence, such collaboration fosters solidarity in addressing the complex healthcare challenges of our time.   

With reporting from the Maria Lourdeni A. Ruaya, R.N., M.A.N., J.D., Chair, Department of Nursing

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