USC launches Cebu almanac and online bookstore, honors National Book Awards winners

The USC Publishing House celebrated three milestones on April 29, 2024 at the SAFAD Theater in USC Talamban Campus.

The three-part ceremony, organized by the USC Publishing House, included the book launch of The Cebu Almanac 2019-2023: Pandemic Crisis and Recovery; recognition of National Book Awards Winners; and unveiling of the USC Publishing House Online Bookstore with stakeholders from the publishing circuit, government agencies, and non-government organizations. 

During the first part, Julius Relampagos, Ph.D., manager of the USC Publishing House, unveiled The Cebu Almanac 2019-2023 as a special five-year edition and a retrospective analysis of various conditions brought by the pandemic with perspectives on the paths to recovery. Genesis Bedio, assisting manager of the USC Publishing House, oversaw the process of this almanac’s creation, production, and delivery. 

Articles contained in this book range from economics to regional performance, livability index, population studies, solid waste management, and creative industries which were written by experts, scholars, and professionals across diverse fields, namely: Fr. Francisco Antonio Estepa, SVD, Genesis Bedio, Julius Relampagos, Jan Lorenzo Alegado, Rejene Lakibul, Leny Ocasiones, Ubo Pakes, Charles Dominic Sanchez, Sweet Maville Blanco, Reanne Angel Francisco, Joshua Tambor, Jose Eleazar Bersales, Francisco Largo, and Jean Villacensio.

The ceremony included a promotional video and presentation of certificates of appreciation to all authors. Director of the Research Development Extension and Publication Office (RDEPO) Patrick John Lim, Ph.D. together with Dr. Relampagos presented the certificates to the authors.

As part of USC’s sustainability efforts, the new edition is offered in both ebook format (through the new USC Publishing House Online Bookstore) and print-on-demand.

Authors of The Cebu Almanac 2019-2023 receive their Certificates of Appreciation (photo courtesy of Charles Dominic Sanchez).

During the second part of the ceremony, the USC Publishing House paid tribute to winners of the 41st National Book Awards, namely

  • Ester Tapia, Corazon Almerino, and Erlinda K. Alburo – Best Anthology in Binisaya for their book, Sinug-ang: A Cebuano Trio; and 
  • Michael Cullinane – John C. Kaw Prize for Best Book in History for his book, The Chinese Mestizos of Cebu City: 17501900 

University President Fr. Francisco Antonio Estepa, SVD, Ph.D., together with Dr. Relampagos, presented the certificates to the authors. Afterward, Tapia delivered a response on behalf of the authors.

Ester Tapia (2nd from left) and Erlinda K. Alburo (3rd from left) receive their Certificates of Recognition for winning in the 41st National Book Awards (photo courtesy of Charles Dominic Sanchez).

The ceremony culminated with the unveiling of the USC Publishing House Online Bookstore. A kickoff video was played showing the landing page, featured books, and the domain name of the website:

Moreover, the developer team, headed by USC School of Engineering Dean Rosana J. Ferolin, D.I.T. demonstrated the website’s functionalities, showing its standard features from book selection to checking out of items.

According to Dr. Relampagos, the USC Publishing House has gained a foothold on the digital front. Further, he sees the online bookstore as a way to be at par with major publishers in the country. 

These milestones are a testament to the continuing commitment of the University to producing quality publications that foster the intellect and virtues of its readers and its growth in the publishing business. 

Finally, the USC Publishing House management expresses its commitment to increasing the production of award-winning books and encourages more authors to write timely, relevant, informative, and outstanding texts.

by Genesis B. Bedio, USC Publishing House

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