Carolinian grad ranks 10th in March 2024 board for professional teachers

USC grad Flora Mae C. Ruiz garnered a 90% rate and ranked 10th in the March 2024 Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers–Secondary Education Level. 

Flora Mae C. Ruiz placed 10th in the 2024 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers.

Ruiz is an alumna (B.S. Physics, M.S. Physics, Ph.D. Physics) and former faculty member of the Department of Physics. She took a Certification in Professional Education to qualify for the board exam. 

Meanwhile, the USC School of Education obtained a 100% passing rate in the Elementary Level and a 96.15% rate for its first-time takers in the Secondary Level. 

To all our newly licensed Carolinian teachers, CONGRATULATIONS! 


  • Ruiz, Flora Mae C. (10th Place)


  • Belandres, Mary Chrisaville C.


  • Pielago, Ronald
  • Perez, Melody S.
  • Maluya, Zylwin

BSEd- English

  • Suganob, Eloisa Corinne M.
  • Ortouste, Rey Ann Kate A. 
  • Lano, Ellyne Jane


  • Villorente, Ian Brant A.
  • Laurino, Pamela M.
  • Illut, Jacrha Shane O.
  • Gusto, Ryan James King M.
  • Decierdo, Queen Rose C.
  • Flores, Cleope P.
  • Filosopo, Phyllis


  • Gamboa, Mario Jr. C.
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